Creating a Stunning Storefront Window Display

Do you have a storefront window? Did you know that your window display is one of the strongest weapons in making your store stand out? Creating a window display highlights your brands’ personality. You want to be sure to create a display that will catch people’s attention when they walk by and leave them wanting more!

Here are a few helpful tips and visuals to get you started or if you already have a display they will hopefully provide some inspiration to change things up.


Before you start shopping and planning – first plan your theme and budget. We all know how quickly items add up when shopping for items you love! Set a budget and plan accordingly. When planning your theme – sketch out or find some pictures that tell your story and/or have the theme you were considering for visual guidance. Here is a very small owl theme window display on a very tiny budget.


Create a focal point. When you stand outside your window, look at where your eye level is, this will determine the center line for your focal point. What do you want passers by to be looking at first?

Image compliments of The White Company on Pinterest


You want to grab the attention of those looking in. Don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops with bright, bold colours and varied shapes. Try to think outside the box with your design.

Image compliments of PopSugar on Pinterest


Keep your display simple but eye-popping! The last thing you want to do is over-crowd the window. Too many items in your overall display will make it look crowded, cluttered and unattractive. I see this all the time.

Remember, to make a powerful statement – less is best!

Image compliments of Hill Design on Pinterest


Lighting is the key to all great design, really! Lighting sets the tone of our spaces. Ensure you have enough LED lighting and ensure your lighting is vertical as it’s more appealing in a window display.

Image compliments of FourSquare on Pinterest

Now, when your display design is completed, stand back and look at what you’ve created. Make sure you look at it from all angles and tweak where necessary. Make sure it tells your story and speaks of you and your brand.

I’m sure you’ve walked by window displays and went “wow”, that is awesome! I know I have. That is how you need to feel when looking at your own design creation. I remember when I was little, we would always visit the Simpson store downtown Toronto and look at all the beautiful Christmas window displays. It was mesmerizing. A very fond childhood memory.

Image compliments of Sarah Illenberger on Pinterest

And, as always – we are here to assist you in any way we can with your design projects. Perhaps you just need some visual aids to help jump start your imagination. Feel free to reach out!

As you can see, we love Pinterest! What designer doesn’t, am I right!? We’d love to connect with you there too!


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